Commissioner for loading and unloading freight agent to seal the truck personally opened

Facilitate the Division of responsibilities, Suzhou moving company assigned truck the truck freight transport should be based on plans, prior to unloading check do the following three aspects: a. Check the location: check the shelf can accommodate the cargo to be unloaded, shelf, clean state, adjacent to and unloading of the goods on the shelves of the nature of the goods is not inconsistent. b. Checking transport documents: main transport station in line with the actual arrival of the Bill record, understand the situation of loading and unloading. Check the car: Beijing moving mainly check the vehicle condition is good; cargo loading State is no different; whether the seal is good; line with the transport document. Checking factors that may influence the safety of goods and vehicles aberration and should therefore be carefully.

② unloading supervision: the supervisor handling Beijing moving company freight agent to seal the truck personally opened and in conjunction with the stevedores to open the door. Of important materials (such as advanced secure materials) should report on freight yard officers and police staff, and unloading supervision in conjunction with them. For dangerous goods, food, general merchandise, grocery and other key unloading supervision should be carried out. Other materials to be introduced roving unloading supervision. In the process of unloading supervision, should also pay attention to handling worker safety, and urge the stevedores to do the following: a. According to the consignment inventory number, check the tag check shipment status, check the container check box, check boxes, and seal. Strictly in accordance with the technical management of railway loading and unloading rules and related provisions in the operations, rational use of the location, the required stacking goods. H happened, packing storage and transportation graphic mark. c. Stacking order firmly to prevent collapse. d. Shipment should be in a heap, piece-goods moving company in Suzhou structured. Stacking of fear to wet goods sites, flat pad wet sleepers, stacked into the roof-shaped and covered tarp. f. Stacked in the places of loading and unloading of goods, should be located outside the rail goods line 1. More than 5M.

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