After moving to roommate and neighbor friendly principles

&Nbsp;     have two exams last Monday--management and religious classes. I wrote exam on the calendar, but who know me when looking at the calendar wrong;, and even thought it was a test on Tuesday. Monday morning, the roommate, Danielle had a great stretch, says: "at 1 o'clock in the morning I will travel to Toronto on Tuesday, and really can't wait to go home. "I said," will leave Tuesday morning? you don't want to take management? " She looked at me strangely and said: "today the exam/2 o'clock in the afternoon" and "I hear, almost crazy, I thought it was tomorrow, and so at 7 o'clock this evening of emphasis has been placed on religious classes, management is not ready yet. Moving companies in Guangzhou have no way, I quickly picked up the book, see the morning, random steak into his mouth at 12 o'clock and had some quick noodles for lunch, and immediately picked up a book review. Time passes quickly, to 2 points when we go to the exam room door.

         long absence, the sun shines, but people here are not in the mood to enjoy the bright sunshine, everyone with a book, although it is also known in the last few minutes could not see anything in, but go look at, to make himself feel better – it was and I was like in high school. But some people and friends chatting, chatter on the surface, in fact, were absently chatted with, trying to make myself relax. Exam time is up, opened the door, everyone man into the classroom, from the desk looking for have written their names, and student papers, and accordingly, the classroom was crowded. Finally, everyone found their own place, quiet listening to the Professor finished the exam discipline, the test has started. Management courses have a lot of choices, I do hear Professor next to classmates are constantly complaining about such a difficult topic.

            final exam and moved my dear MOM and Dad: Hello! sorry, so long to write to you, because busy moving these days, moved out of his help she moved, slowly until now idle. When the final examination is approaching, I know that this semester is over, I was a sophomore student in, this means that I'm going to say goodbye to school dormitories, had gone to live in outside of school. Julia and I had a deal, can move at any time. I wanted to try again, and if they think that maybe there is hope for home (tickets have not gone away), if you really want to return to it, final exam time and flight time of just two days, moved the exam seemed too nervous, so before the exam starts moved up 1.1 points. Adam and Julia Ward Howe House, my computer, there was no Internet, only with her, and her computer without Chinese input method, so they took me to buy a dedicated computer for wireless Internet devices, and Adam helped me debug all afternoon, finally on the net. Not easy Oh! now, time is very fast, exams have been there for a week, during the exam and we have some interesting things, let me listen to you.

         always energetic Professor John, each saw one student raised his hand to ask questions and moved abroad after the painful experience and raced past answers, in the sound of his footsteps, lecture was on the ground shook a quiver quiver, we could not help but laugh. Is fill in the blanks after the multiple-choice questions, because we were asked to fill in are the professionalism of a long phrase, we remember ten white, a Professor, specializing in each paper pasted on also the one noun form, it says all professional terms. Fill empty lO question, the phrase probably given more than more than 40. Beijing moving company prices in the phrase that the top of the page, he wrote: "this phrase there is an error in a page, see the wily monkey?" I read these phrases next to each other, the right phrase about 25 or so, and the other is John added, "cherry cheesecake", "Chicago", "worm-team" ... ... I'm dizzy mix.

         , I finally saw the middle and suddenly jumped out to a sentence: "Aha,areyoustillreading? Goodidea,keepdoing Kee Goodluck! (HA HA, did you see one by one? okay, well, that's a good idea, to continue efforts to ... ... I wish you the best of luck!) " I have to laugh or cry. A lot of people in a 2.5-hour period to finish the 3-hour papers, advance the volume, during the last 20 minutes, the classroom was nearly empty. I was checking papers, John arrived saying: "Hey, do it? good weather outside, hurry you can go out to play. "We listened to was about to faint. Finished religious studies in the evening, when returned to the bedroom, roommates, Danielle has been packed and ready to leave.

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