Parents of children should be considered after the move

&Nbsp;     We of "forces range" maximum, because we people more, fn, and people flat, also has they of sister, again plus we house in of several, so,, we of snowman heap up of when, other all of children are envy to surrounding in snowman next, fn returned to we of snowman up has a loud of name--big belly General! he said: "I is General, yihou you are have listening to I of, who not listening to......" He look at a skinny snowman, snowman head kick off one foot and one foot at the top of the cone, eyes roamed our earlier had stunned child: "who does not listen, end up it!" In fact, even if not of the forces nouvelles, who are the best in the eyes of our children.

           Zvonareva aunt's son Andrew, age and like me, is a boy, so he rolled a snowball most. Joy in the yard of our laughter soon attracted all the children here, for a time, over more than 20 large and small children was covered with small yards, the forces nouvelles and the peace of the new King, people ran out of the prison also, happy laughter makes us these silly kids remember just the bumps and cold, our snowball fights, snowman. The forces nouvelles in order not to let people fight each other, give each group divided into "spheres of influence".

         fn the smartest and most courageous, though often fight with other children, but he is always right, so in our eyes, the forces nouvelles is a wonderful person. His father and uncle Ji He was an unyielding tough guy, the forces nouvelles have apparently became his father moving company replica of Beijing children can't do not naturally listen to him. Fn wear a he mother with old clothes modified do of blue jacket, waist between tied a root old belt, belt Shang also don't with a branch wood pistol, seems to a "eight" image, just he wearing of acquisition page velvet cotton cap too big, old in he of head Shang sloshing, brim not cover live has he of head, is buckle has he of a only ear, is somewhat effect "eight" of image.

        to say most of my childhood nostalgia for what, it is with these kids in happy times spent together. Because it makes us forget the cold, forget hunger, forget the hardships ... .... All cell, the sun shines in. Originally a small window on the south wall, let them Board, so in the House, were all black and wet year round. Xinjiang's unique cold of winter quilt was dry and hard like iron, like sleeping in the yard, my little body was often cold and moisture invasion force entirely numb.

        mother, I was, every day of the hands and feet are cold, especially at night, was as cold as frozen Dorothy I,, he kept drilling into her mother's arms, in spite of this, zhaohuan often woke up in the middle. In order to make our House will come in a little sunshine, move the choice of venue is necessary mother aunt and Liu Mian Li Baogui went forth of prison wardens, asked him to Board on the window of our house down, Li Baogui didn't answer. MOM and aunt Liu Mian decided to go back to yourself. That morning, the mother is prized wood, Li Baogui came in, saw the boards on the Windows has been prying the half, like fire out of the door up to the window: "you ... ... How did you ... ... Who let you pick? " Mother disdained to slant his eyes continued to skid. Li Baogui Jiyan "you ... ... You ... ... Don't pry, you are in violation of prison rules! I ... ... I ... ... "my mom looked desperate Li Baogui, put down the stick in his hand:" I pick is a violation of prison rules, then you have come to pry ... ... We committed any crime? even the Sun is going to give us block? why don't you Board through the Windows of your House? " Mother a series of questioning silence between Li Baogui, who stared at the already broken half of the window, your mouth and finally left our House without saying anything.

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