Through the logistics system to reduce and eliminate many intervals and obstacles

Is known as the external environment on logistics system input functionality. Beijing move logistics system by entering the function, various raw materials, collaboration, product, product, product, production or sales plan, need order planning, resources, funds, contracts information input system, and to mobilize them effectively. 3) logistics system in its own output function the functions and means of input on relevant or necessary for processing or conversion, based on the value of the products, goods or displacement of performance effectiveness, timeliness, efficiency, convenience and other forms of service, which is the output function. 4) feedback function. Feedback on upcoming reverse logistics systems input to information to the decision-making or operational process, makes it possible to control of the logistics system. Feedback data about the specific form of the logistics activities of: displacement, the logistics, vehicle status, international logistics dynamics, market reports, system differences between the target and actual output values, typical investigation and analysis of logistics activities and so on.

5) control function according to the changes in the external environment and the constraints, such as resource constraints, energy restrictions, changes in demand, transport, means of communication and other various factors impact on the ability of logistics system--regulation and control measures, which are typical characteristics of artificial adaptive control system. These regulation factors main is needs changes, and transport capacity, and warehouse capacity, and production capacity, and price changes, and policy provides,. • through logistics system run can reduced and elimination many interval and obstacles, or change a species interval or obstacles: for example, ① goods in people Zhijian of interval: producers, and wholesalers until consumers Zhijian of interval; production locations, and sales 24 locations to consumption locations Zhijian of interval; ⑧ time Shang of interval: commodity production time and consumption time Shang of time.

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