Shanghai moving company moving already has many years of experience

&Nbsp;  Shanghai moving company moving already has many years of experience, moving knows, here to remind friends of the owners and need to move, move several items that require special packaging.

     coffee cup use bubble cloth (or newspaper) the glass wrap, and stagger the handle position upside down atop the other.

     in order to protect his hand, use the bubble cloth tightly tied.

     into the box, Cup hands interlaced in upside down.

     vase or bottle into the first and then into the box with original box. If loose, please put some of the filler fixed.

     even the box in carton, and boxed with other items.

     bubble plate plate plate between cloth or crepe folded newspaper.

     about 2 to 3 as a group and then bound with poly-bags.

     into the box in the note to make.

     books use the heavy boxes (small box) and not to play too much, with not too much easier to carry.

     thick paper sheathed knife, blade wrapped with adhesive.

     handle must be revealed, let a person see is chopper, safer.

    :  other considerations please bring their own valuables, such as money, precious metals, securities, gems, stamps, books, do not pack into the box, be sure to bring their own.

     pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, a living animal, please bring your own.

     fresh perishable items spoiled, if long distance transport should be avoided in boxes. Prior to moving to control procurement volume.

     If not boxed articles can contact the professionals of our company, contact the proper way.

     when moving if there is conflict with customers, you will find the most were moving company right. In this case, if the moving company you choose is regular, then you most likely solved the problem through mediation, but if you choose to be "black company" or small moving company, it might make your conflict.

currently some Shanghai moved company in received single of when, part customer will proposed very demanding of requirements, and encountered some not reasonable of customer also let Shanghai moved company very embarrassed, including many customer requirements moved company both put moved of price pressure to minimum also to will car loaded to most full, and regardless of things in can pressure of situation Xia, moved to destination yihou, requirements things cannot has is damaged; some customer to moved company Xia orders Shi intends to reduced furniture number, such until moved workers to moved of when, You will find many more furniture, and there will be disputes, the customer thinks moving company pick up the form should be completed, but transportation costs also moving company can not compromise on. Now customers and moving companies is mainly reflected in the handling of contradictions were damaged, handling time, charges coordination problems.

actually, above situation most are can through coordination to avoid of, moved company today does also has many insufficient of place, but while also hope consumers don't deliberately of to embarrassed moved workers, both in encountered problem of when static Xia heart to good solution on not has so more of conflict contradictions has, currently Shanghai moved company many, competition also is fierce, consumers in select moved company Shi, should note select reputation good, reputation good of moved company, not should just to shop around, price low for only select target Otherwise, it is easy to chiyabakui.

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