Found in transit truck and car is not

Deviations are found, by moving company of Guangzhou preparation of records received by phone and the price collection. Find heavy tank cover open, shall be prepared by the parties a general certificate, is responsible for closing the station. Found in the station and stop empty tank cover open, the station is responsible for closing. Vehicle change when the goods, loading of the car should be checked, for sealing goods vehicles should check the seal is intact and station names, numbers are the same. Cargo tracking, envelope on arrival, car number, seal number column, should not be altered. In the loading station (with unload station), transshipment station, change stations when required by operations or filling in mistake, Canton moving should be required to make changes.  

recorded on the consignment note or envelope found in transit and arrival and grouping order that does not match the car, should not be altered tracking, envelope, after confirming that the required records. Loading station in seal processing goods en route may not be replaced by not sealing process. ③ examination and transfer of content and find treatment methods: transit vehicle, and the less-than-truckload transportation bills is lost, missing or issued in 48h telegraph station to the relevant queries, all train transport ticket is lost, should also be reported to the competent branch on that day. After each station after being queried, electrical cardioversion or continue in the 48h query. Station after receiving a query telegram, producing the waybill copy sent arrived in time. (2) moving company in Guangzhou facelift finishing the replacement of the goods finishing of goods refers to goods vehicles in transit, at which may endanger the safety and integrity of the goods occurs, replacement truck or goods by the grooming job. ① change the scope of consolidation: to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods, loading of goods vehicles has been a distance running, technical inspection and cargo checks should be carried out. Suzhou moving company truck inspection of technical condition and cargo loading State, respectively, by the vehicle inspection, cargo inspectors and captains.

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