Chinese modern agricultural Logistics Centre has slowly built

Far into logistics and modern agricultural logistics centre in shunyi district of Beijing started construction. Shanghai logistics company it is reported that Vice Mayor Xia Zhanyi attended the ceremony. Agricultural materials such as fertilizers, seeds, machinery, is the basis of agricultural production is directly related to the development of agricultural production safety, quality and safety of agricultural products and farmers ' interests.

construction of modern agricultural service system of this municipality, is aimed at Government, business operations, business services, law enforcement and supervision, the main channel to build high quality agricultural supply services, to the city and the country's farmers to provide variety, reasonable prices, reliable quality of agricultural products and excellent service.

Beijing modern agricultural logistics service center, is an important part of modern agricultural service system, the municipal supply and marketing cooperatives to build, it's start marks the city officially kicked off the construction of modern agricultural service system. Center location in the camp village, renhe town, shunyi district, will build a 6200 square meters of three-story Exchange building, and according to the category of goods trading floors, and support integrated service, provision of agricultural science and technology consultation, information sharing, and other services.

in modern agricultural logistics center based on, the city will also build regional agricultural material chain distribution centers, and leading enterprises, and grass-roots agricultural chain management under network connections. Eventually create "leading enterprises, distribution centers, primary chain stores" three levels of agricultural chain management network, and agricultural extension services, Enterprise Service and information consultancy services combined, formed around upper and lower common, cohesive and efficient system of modern agricultural service for the convenience.


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