Moving and transportation industry practice in the industry for about about a few

Article   for further implementation of the People's Republic of China Road transportation Ordinance spirit specification for better management of the city's moving and transportation markets, business-doing good market environment, protect the interests of customers, and protect the legitimate business interests of moving and transportation enterprises in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the State in formulating the rules about.


article   aims to establish for this practice in the industry for about moving and transportation industries and enterprises of self-regulatory mechanisms, regulate the industry, businesses and all employees handling services operations, improve the overall quality of the industry, establish a good image of moving and transportation services, and promoting the development of Guangzhou's moving and transportation industries.


article   Guangzhou road transport industry association professional Committee of moving and transportation under the authority of the relevant government departments and organize the implementation of this regulation for about.


fourth   involved in moving and transportation enterprises and all workers should obey the rules about, review, summarize and Exchange on a regular basis. For violation of the rules about business, move on behalf of the Professional Association of the competence of the Committee to inform enterprises on account of breach of criticism, advice, warnings, and serious traffic management suggested Government departments shall be given administrative punishment. For the implementation of this regulation for about sudden give recognition and publicity.


article fifth   to promote "civilized business, and quality service", establish a dedicated service to our customers, operating strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations consciously correct and resist abuses within the industry, maintain civilized fashion moving and transportation industries.


sixth   strictly abide by the rules of fair competition in the market, non-random price competition for supply, promoting business integrity, quality service, reasonable trading competition. Customer service process to achieve the handling charges are reasonable assessments; develop handling programme companies must contract and fulfill contracts signed with customers; moving goods safely without damage or loss of damage to reasonable compensation; weighing about trustworthiness required vehicles and personnel to be in place by time, failing to put in place corporate time to communicate with customers obtain the customer's understanding.


article seventh   continuously improve service levels, enterprises often organize inspectors to check the site regularly or irregularly issued removal services to the customer table, and consulting services. Customer satisfaction requires more than 85%.


eighth   enterprises in China should be strengthened (salesman, porters, drivers) management of traffic according to law, according to gauge operation. Employees to training, must receive not less than once a year operation professional and technical training, and constantly improve the quality of employees. Employee clothing and wear a badge of a standard, so that the customer's supervision.


Nineth   enterprises should establish and improve the system of vehicle maintenance, do a daily check and cleaning of vehicles, vehicle equipment is in good condition and clean car vehicle appearance appearance. Vehicle specification according to the municipal Committee of management requirements the enterprise vehicle logo spray.


article tenth   strengthening solidarity and coordination, jointly shoulder the responsibility for maintaining order of moving and transportation market. Mutual learning exchanges and jointly improve management level. Advantage play industry as a whole, set up the moving industry brand. Continue to expand the business scope of the industry consultation, specification standards.


11th   the rules about the road transport industry association of Guangzhou the second Director of the consideration by the General Assembly, implemented from the day of its promulgation.


12th   the interpretation of rules about ownership moving and Transportation Committee of the road transport industry association of Guangzhou, the rules about conflicts with the State policies and regulations is subject to national legislation.


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