To check out moving companies service processes

We say moving company services, moving companies and good service, it shows a good moving company. Instead, the moving company services, moving companies service is not good, and it has very poor attitude of a moving company.


standard moving company in Suzhou service processes, through telephone consultation to customers. In our special customer reception telephone consultation, we will understand the user time of relocation, relocation destination, providing packing, and the availability of valuable items, such as piano, crafts.


phone quotes: consultation via telephone, if not much need to move goods, is a small move, they can use the telephone offers. Entered into a verbal agreement.


free home valuation: companies, factories, groups or individuals to move from item number belongs to large relocation, our company has sales, free home evaluation, and provide relocation advice, exhibits and notes, for the relocation of your tailor-made transport solutions.


transport package: before the relocation, if the customer needs to provide Pearl foam, cartons, packing tape, bubble, Lord rashin film, the end of card Board, plank, plywood, half-sealed wooden boxes and other packaging materials, are provided at cost price. Division according to different goods to provide flexible packaging, paper packaging, wood packaging wood, wood, flowers, etc; if conditions allow, our staff can come on-site packaging.


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