Network moving companies "ghost"

&Nbsp;  , "moving to find gains. "With a catchy slogan, Miss Yang Li Kang moving company was recently discovered on the Internet call and come home" Unicorn staff "neither uniform, body no mark, and Dr House was damaged in moving a floor lamp, the company refused to compensate. Angry Miss Yang called complaint phones on the company's Web site, they discovered that the number was no.

       "this is a ' clone ' our fake moving company. "3rd call Li Kang moving company limited, officials told reporters that the company had received many such complaints, cheated clients are found from other online search engine company. The official said normal moving companies require employees to a uniform wearing company uniform and car body spray has the LOGO of the company, and more importantly, before the moving company will let customers fill out a task form, giving details of moving goods and corresponding compensation amount to avoid later disputes.

       press as Miss Yang said, Internet enter "Unicorn" and "four-way" and other well-known company name query, found that these companies sign "ghosts" moving companies link up to more than 10, phone number, Web address varies. Open the company pages, layout, and content is much the same, even the profile is copied to each other, many companies also specifically noted on the home page they are authentic, "reminded" customers to guard against counterfeiting, "there is no silver" at the same time, consumers have been continuingly.


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