Requirements of effective performance evaluation system should have reasonably

Need reasonable performance evaluation effective performance evaluation system. Necessary to achieve the objective evaluation and accepted by the employee evaluation system needs to have several requirements:

(1) the comprehensiveness and completeness

evaluation system is not all-inclusive, but should cover all aspects that affect working performance, in order to avoid one-sidedness.

(2) relevance and effectiveness

refers to the content of the examination must be associated with the work, personal habits, addictions, is not suitable for inclusion in the test to ensure that the essential validity of the assessment.

(3) clear and concrete

This is in terms of assessment criteria. Evaluation needs to be directly, that is, with measurable, if vague, abstract, esoteric, it is difficult to put into use.

(4) the impartiality and objectivity

evaluation standard of development and implementation must be scientific and reasonable, objective and impartial. Evaluation of democracy and transparency of the system tends to be effective means to achieve objectivity and impartiality.

in parallel with the performance appraisal. First and foremost the four basic questions: who are the participants of performance evaluation; what method of appraisal; how to measure and evaluate performance and how to organize the implementation of evaluation.

storage performance evaluation of participants including Storage Manager (supervisor), Ministry of human resources (HR) professionals, colleagues from the evaluator himself, evaluator peer and external personnel associated with the storage sector. In the process of performance evaluation, according to the different evaluation purposes, sometimes requiring several staff to evaluate the appraiser, sometimes only part of

evaluate, common in daily life is the evaluation of the first three.

in the case of performance evaluation of object to determine, and Jie Yuan into a summary of the method of performance evaluation of logistics problems. There are many kinds of the performance appraisal. A ship, production enterprises, field personnel generally use evaluation methods on the object to the actual output results and management or service personnel working with the hands of behavior characteristics evaluation method. Therefore, the storage is generally used for the performance evaluation of the latter. Quality evaluation method for feature-oriented.


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