What are the basic connotation of the specific content of the international logistics

United States Logistics Management Committee: logistics as part of the supply chain in the production process, its implementation and provides effective control of economic flow and storage of goods services and provide information on goods from the original to the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of customers.

Chinese scholars believe that logistics is based on minimum cost, according to user requirements, to transfer materials from suppliers who need to process. Includes transportation, handling, storage, packaging, distribution, logistics, processing and information processing activities.

in summary, international logistics means in order to meet the demand for the raw materials, in-process inventory, finished products and information, effective flow from start to finish in the international community, and to achieve this movement to plan, manage and control the process.

logistics of the "7R" characteristics, namely: at the right time, the right place and the right conditions, the right products and take proper measures and appropriate costs to consumers in the right.

international logistics is when production and consumption in two or more countries (or regions) independent circumstances, in order to overcome the space between the production and consumption of distance and time and materials (goods) of the physical move of an international economic and trade activities. International logistics organization rational flow of goods in the international arena occurs in logistics activities between different countries.

international and domestic logistics compared to far into the long distance transportation spending, large inventory, long fixed cyclic operations cycle, international logistics are expensive; a variety of modes of transport, is needed to cross the international border and other reasons, the logistics companies tend to be larger. International business and foreign trade services, international features, complexity and risk.


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